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5663071. SOLD $17500

ANGLO-SAXON, Anglo-Viking (Hiberno-Norse Northumbria). St. Peter coinage. Circa 921-927. AR Penny (20mm, 1.30 g, 1h). Sword/Hammer type. York mint. Struck under Sihtric II Caech. OSCIE/TIIII in two lines, voided sword between, cross above, trefoil below / + I • C : h L ·: IVIO, voided hammer. Stewart & Lyon unlisted dies; cf. SCBI 1 (Fitzwilliam), 518 (for type); North 556; SCBC 1015. Rich old cabinet toning with traces of iridescence, tiny lamination on obverse, traces of red wax. Near EF. Very rare.

Ex Mynthuset 4 (2 March 1991), lot 12.