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Research Coins: Feature Auction

Sale: Triton VII, Lot: 110. Estimate $3000. 
Closing Date: Monday, 12 January 2004. 
Sold For $2800. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

SICILY, Syracuse. Agathokles. Circa 317-289 BC. AV Tetrobol - Dekadrachm (2.83 gm). Struck circa 295 BC. Laureate head of Apollo left / Charioteer driving biga right, holding kentron in right hand, reins in left; triskeles below horses, monogram in exergue. Bérend, l'or pl. 9, 11; SNG ANS 706 var. (F in exergue); SNG Lloyd 1474 var. (T in exergue); SNG Copenhagen -; Jameson 859 var. (F in exergue); Gulbenkian 337; Pozzi -; Weber -. EF. Rare. [See color enlargement on plate 3] ($3000)

From the James A. Ferrendelli Collection.