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Sale: CNG 70, Lot: 1205. Estimate $500. 
Closing Date: Wednesday, 21 September 2005. 
Sold For $500. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

INDIA, Princely States. Rohilkhand. Zabita Khan. 1770-1774. AV Mohur (10.84 g, 6h). Najibabad mint. Struck in the name of Shah Alam II. AH date uncertain; RY 12 (1771 AD). Legend with poetical couplet and AH date (off flan) / Legend with regnal year of Shah Alam, trisul mintmark and mint. KM 100. EF. ($500)

Rohilkhand was the Indian territory of the Rohillas, a tribe of Afghan freebooters who seized it from the decrepit Mughal rulers in the 1740s. In 1754 the territory had been partitioned among numerous petty Rohilla princelings, who either acquired or assumed the title of nawab, or governor acting under authority of the Mughal emperor. By 1801 all the quarreling princes had lost their autonomy to the British and to the expanding state of Awadh.