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155, Lot: 414. Estimate $100.
Sold for $166. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

GREEK. Miscellaneous. Lot of eight Greek Æ. Spain, Gades. Æ 18mm, Head of Herakles / Two fish // Carthage. Æ 20mm. Head of Tanit left / Horsehead // Korkyra. Æ 17mm. Amphora / Grapes // Pontos, Laodikeia. Æ 20mm. Aegis / Nike right // Kings of Bithynia. Prusias II. Æ 19mm. Head of Dionysos / The Centaur Chairon // Caria, Halikarnassos. Æ 20mm. Head of Zeus / Trident // Cilicia, Elaioussa Sebaste. Æ 18mm. Head of Tyche / Hermes // Phoenicia, Arados. Æ 14mm. Jugate heads right / Prow of galley. Average Fine. LOT SOLD AS IS, NO RETURNS. coins in lot.