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Research Coins: Electronic Auction

155, Lot: 466. Estimate $100.
Sold for $210. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

ROMAN. Imperial. Lot of eight AR Denarii. Includes: Marcus Aurelius. 161-180 AD. Laureate head right / Liberalitas (V) standing left, holding abacus and cornucopiae. RSC 413 // Caracalla. 198-217 AD. Laureate and draped bust right / Victory running left. RSC 658 // Same. Laureate head right / Serapis standing left. RSC 211 // Julia Domna. Draped bust right / Pudicitia seated left. RSC 164 // Elagabalus. 218-222 AD. Laureate, draped, and horned bust right / Emperor standing left, sacrificing over altar; star in field at left. RSC 61 // Severus Alexander. 222-235. laureate and draped bust right / Aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornucopiae. RSC 312 // Julia Maesa. Draped bust right / Felicitas standing left; star in field to right. RSC 45 // Gordian III. 238-244 AD. Laureate and draped bust right / Gordian on horse left. RSC 234. Fine to Good VF. LOT SOLD AS IS, NO RETURNS. 8 coins in lot.