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155, Lot: 497. Estimate $200.
Sold for $182. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

WORLD. Spanish America. Lot of nine Contemporary Counterfeits. Includes: “Cob” 4 Real size, Philip II or early Philip III? Potosi? (no mint marks). Æ with test marks, traces of AR // Same. Philip III? Potosi? (no mint marks). Æ with no trace of AR, no test marks, even wear // Same. 8 Real size but trace of IIII to right of shield. Philip III? Potosi? About 2/3 AR surfaces, large area of obverse Æ // 8 real size. Mexico style cross. Philip IV style arms. (no mint marks). About half of AR plating is intact; nice deceptive shape, as if cut from a bar of silver // Mexico. Charles IIII. 8 reales. “Portrait” type. Dated 1808 Mo F.T. (incorrect assayer) Hand-made, crudely cut “local” dies, good edge. Nearly full weight (24.04 g), dull silver color. many scratches; no test marks // Same. Ferdinand VII. Dated 1816 Mo J.J. (correct assayer). hand made from “local” dies as above, but not as crude; good edge and near full weight (25.41 g). Thin AR plate starting to wear off // Small piece of a Charles IIII 8 Real. F.M. assayer. Not plated. Rough but could be “good” // Cap and Ray 8 Reales. Dated 1876 Go F.R. (correct assayer). Very well made dies and edge, but a large piece missing, clearly revealing the plating // Ferdinand VII 2 Real (5.84 g). Dated 1821 Zs A.Z. (correct assayer). This one is really deceptive - only a little cruder than the originals. But the plating is nearly gone, and the surfaces are too rough. A really neat lot, for those who like this sort of stuff.... Fair to VF, with damage as described. LOT SOLD AS IS, NO RETURNS. 9 coins in lot.