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Electronic Auction 561

Lot nuber 996

Northern France, Paris. Circa AD 1410. Leaf (4.29”x5.10”). Medieval Book of Hours. Good VF.

Electronic Auction 561
Lot: 996.

Manuscripts, Paper

Estimate: $ 200

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Northern France, Paris. Circa AD 1410. Leaf (4.29”x5.10”). Medieval Book of Hours. Illuminated leaf containing Psalms 12: 3-6 and 42: 1-4a in the Vulgate. With some floral border decoration and illumination around capital letters and interspersed throughout the text. From a prayer book worthy of someone of some means for the time. Attractive gold, blue, red, and white illumination. Ink very nicely intact with bold color remaining. Slight browning and tiny tears at edge, minor wrinkling, small old code penciled in at lower margin. Good VF.

From the Sand Collection.

A “Book of Hours” is a Christian prayer book which was used by the owner to recite the canonical hour prayers. In modern times this practice is known as the Liturgy of the Hours. These handwritten books were individually created for lay people during the Middle Ages (14th and 15th centuries) and are usually written in Latin. The typical book of hours contains extracts from the Four Gospels; Psalms of Degrees; Penitential Psalms; Hours of the Cross; and other contents. These books become more elaborate in their construct based on the wealth of the buyer. Simple versions contain mostly unadorned text, often highly abbreviated. Complete texts, as seen in these examples, are a step up in value. As the adornment (illumination), including the use of color and images, goes up, so does the corresponding level of interest and worth. Many of these books survive although the great majority have been broken down into individual leaves which can be displayed as a form of art.

Closing Date and Time: 1 May 2024 at 15:31:40 ET.

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