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CNG Islamic Auction 2

Lot nuber 116

Umayyad Caliphate, Silver coinage. AR Dirham (24.5mm, 2.93 g, 7h). Harat mint. Dated AH 80 (AD 699/700). Near EF.

CNG Islamic Auction 2
Lot: 116.
 Estimated: $ 10 000

Umayyad Silver and Bronze, Silver

Sold For $ 8 000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

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Umayyad Caliphate, Silver coinage. AR Dirham (24.5mm, 2.93 g, 7h). Harat mint. Dated AH 80 (AD 699/700). Obverse margin: pellet between hadha and al-dirham; eight plain annulets in outer border; Obverse field: Pahlawi HLA (the mint-signature for Harat) in fourth line / Reverse margin: six plain annulets in outer border. Klat –; Lloyd, S. “An unpublished Umayyad dirham of Harat dated 80h, with Pahlawi mint-name,” ONS Newsletter 179 (Spring 2004), p. 32 (this coin). Near EF. Excessively rare.

Ex Morton & Eden 9 (25 May 2004), lot 457.

The first years of minting post-reform Umayyad dirhams at Harat seem to have been somewhat chaotic. Dirhams struck in the year AH 79 have standard legends and the normal five small annulets on the obverse, but we have examples on which the mint-name is variously misspelled as ‘Ahbahr’ (with the letters of the mint-name engraved in reverse order) and ‘Hr’ (with the final two letters omitted). Those coins on which the name is correctly engraved, however, inexplicably have seven annulets on the reverse, while ‘Ahbahr’ and ‘Hr’ have the normal five. Equally inexplicably, in AH 80 it was evidently decided to add the Pahlawi mint-signature below the obverse field, as was standard on dirhams struck at Marw and Marw al-Rudh between AH 79 and AH 84, while retaining the unusual extra annulets in the reverse border.

The final winners of all CNG Islamic Auction 2 lots will be determined during the live sale that will be held on 27 October 2022.

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