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CNG Islamic Auction 2

Lot nuber 294

Kangarids. Wahsudan b. Muhammad. Circa AH 343 / AD 954-955. AV Double Dinar (19.5mm, 9.10 g, 3h). Jalalabad mint. Dated AH 343 (AD 954/5). Good VF.

CNG Islamic Auction 2
Lot: 294.
 Estimated: $ 40 000

Pre-Mongol Iran, Gold

Sold For $ 32 500. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

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Kangarids. Wahsudan b. Muhammad. Circa AH 343 / AD 954-955. AV Double Dinar (19.5mm, 9.10 g, 3h). Jalalabad mint. Dated AH 343 (AD 954/5). Obverse margin: Muhammad - ‘Ali - al-Hasan - al-Husayn - ‘Ali - Muhammad - Ja‘far - Isma‘il - Muhammad (the names of the Prophet and the Seven Isma‘ili Imams) Obverse field: la ilaha illa / Allah Muhammad / rasul Allah / Reverse margin: mint and date Reverse field: ‘Ali khalifat / Allah (with isolated letters ‘ayn, ba and kaf above) / Wahsudan bin / Muhammad; to right and left: Sayf - Al Muhammad. Cf. Vardanyan 149 (a dirham with similar legends, ascribed to the Sallarids); Album K1488 (as Kangarid). . Small edge knock. Good VF. Excessively rare.

This beautiful, impressive and excessively rare coin bears the names of the Seven Isma‘ili Imams alongside that of the Prophet himself. While Vardanyan only knew of silver examples of this type, he assigned them to the Sallarid ruler named Wahsudan b. Muhammad, rather than to the less historically well-known Kangarid ruler of the same name. Isma‘ilism became embedded in the region of Daylam during the 4/10th century, and contemporary written sources tell us much of the Isma‘ili beliefs of the Sallarid ruler, al-Marzuban b. Muhammad (circa AH 330-346). It is notable that the final name in the list of imams is that of Muhammad b. Isma‘il, and that there is no mention of the contemporary Fatimid caliph, al-Mu‘izz.

Album is surely correct in his suggestion that both the dinars and dirhams of this type were struck for presentation purposes. The location of Jalalabad is unknown, although the name is probably to be intepreted as ‘City of Glory.’ The Kangarid capital was at Shamiram, a mountain fortress to the north of Qazwin.

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