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CNG Islamic Auction 2

Lot nuber 299

Buwayhids (Buyids). 'Imad al-Din Marzuban Abu Kalijar. AH 415-440 / AD 1024-1048. AV Dinar (21.5mm, 3.18 g, 4h). Amul mint. Dated AH 438 (AD 1046/7). VF.

CNG Islamic Auction 2
Lot: 299.
 Estimated: $ 1 500

Pre-Mongol Iran, Gold

Sold For $ 1 900. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

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Buwayhids (Buyids). 'Imad al-Din Marzuban Abu Kalijar. AH 415-440 / AD 1024-1048. AV Dinar (21.5mm, 3.18 g, 4h). Amul mint. Dated AH 438 (AD 1046/7). Obverse field: Shah / la ilaha illa Allah / wahdahu la sharik lahu / Shahanshah al-A- / ‘zama malik al-A- / rd / Reverse field: lillah / Muhammad rasul Allah / al-Qa’im bi-amr allah / Fakhr Din Allah / Sultan Din Allah / Abu Kalijar / Buwayh. VF. Of the highest rarity, apparently unpublished and believed unique.

Ex Morton & Eden 85 (27 April 2017), lot 114.

This unrecorded coin sheds new light on the history of Amul during the fifth century. Writing in 1967, Stern knew of no coins from Amul for the century between AH 388 (a Buwayhid dirham) and AH 486 (a Seljuq dinar). Since then three dinars of Amul dated AH 437, 439 and 441 have come to light (see Diler p. 27), all struck in the name of the Great Seljuq ruler Tughril Beg. This suggests that Stern was correct to assume that Amul came under Seljuq control during the course of the 5/11th century. The present piece, however, demonstrates that the Buwayhid Abu Kalijar was able to strike coins in his name in Amul for at least this one year during this period of Seljuq rule. It may have been this that prompted the Seljuqs themselves to issue coins there at this time and thereby confirm their own authority, given that Amul otherwise seems to have been largely inactive as a mint for the decades between AH 390-480.

The final winners of all CNG Islamic Auction 2 lots will be determined during the live sale that will be held on 27 October 2022.

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