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13348. Classical Numismatic Group Inc., Triton XV, Sessions 1 and 2 (3 January 2012). BCD Thessaly. 1000 individual and multiple lots total. Includes Prices Realized. Hardbound. (GR, RPC).Web
Classical Numismatic Group Inc., Triton XV, Sessions 1 and 2 (3 January 2012). BCD Thessaly. 1000 individual and multiple lots total. Includes Prices Realized. Hardbound. (GR, RPC). (GR348).

These two sessions of CNG's Triton XV comprise the eighth and final auction of the BCD collection - one of the most comprehensive and impressive collections of the ancient coins of Greece ever assembled. Since the late 1950s, the collector meticulously scoured sale catalogs and dealer stocks, searching not only for choice specimens, but also the great rarities, which may only occur in well-worn specimens. For both its scope and depth, the collection as a whole is unsurpassed. It contained many new discoveries, as well as pedigreed coins from most of the major private collections, along with duplicates from many important museum collections. The resulting catalogs, through the scholarship of BCD, as well as the experts at those coin firms that conducted the respective sales, have become the new standard references for these regions, most of which have not been comprehensively surveyed for almost a century. These catalogs, important as they are for the coins they contain, are invaluable for the collector's notes included in them. BCD's appreciation for the art of Greek numismatics, evident in the articles he has occasionally contributed to scholarly journals over the years, is particularly apparent in these notes, where he has free reign to express his opinions. They are, like BCD himself, disarmingly witty. Beneath that wit, however, is a wealth of important numismatic wisdom, gained through more than half a century of collecting, and offered in an unassuming fashion to anyone with an interest in deepening their knowledge of ancient Greek coins. Over the years, he has unselfishly made his collection available for researchers to use. Many of his coins are cited in their die studies and, as a result, the numismatic knowledge of one section of ancient Greek coinage has been greatly expanded by the generosity of this coin collector.

Since 2001, when the Corinthian section of his collection was sold by Numismatik Lanz, most of the major auction houses of Greek coinage have sold one of the regional sections of the BCD collection (see p. 5 of the catalog for a list of the previous BCD sales).

From A Note from the Collector (p. 7):

"When all is said and done, the time has come to say goodbye. [BCD Thessaly] is the 8th and last BCD auction and probably the one that represents him as a collector more than any of the past ones. It is hoped that the catalogue will be of help to dealers and collectors alike, also to the students and scholars who will decide to treat in depth some of the very interesting mints featured in these pages."

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